Lessons from the year

As we end off the year of 2020, I look back and reflect on the lessons I’ve learnt. Life’s patterns fascinate me and I believe that they are there to send us messages, to get our attention. They whisper, and then talk, and then scream if we won’t listen.

The pattern I see through some of my clients this year has been how important it is for us to learn to listen to that quiet voice within each of us. It is often when we ignore or contradict that voice that we find our self in places that are not ideal for us. Here’s what I’ve learnt:

•The conscious mind is the loud, overriding voice that we hear all the time. This is the ego. It wants credit for everything good and lays blame for everything bad. The conscious mind is the “goal setter”.

•The unconscious mind is the still, quiet voice that comes from within. It loves you and wants what is best for you.

•If we don’t make time to be quiet and listen to the quiet voice, we will forget it is there and turn outward to the opinions of others to guide our actions.

•What we focus, concentrate and think on, will determine the quality of our lives.

•The unconscious mind is the “goal getter” – it will get for you what you have shown it through your conscious thoughts.

•We have control over our thoughts and therefore the quality of our lives. We have been wonderfully and fearfully made and everything we need has been placed on the inside of us.

•Emotions are indicators, like street signs, informing us of important information.

•Emotions are not directors. We do not have to obey them. But it is just as unhealthy to ignore them. Instead, become aware of their purpose and what they wish to tell you.

This new year, learn to trust yourself again, learn to hear the quiet voice. I have seen people’s lives transformed as they have taken control of their thoughts and learnt to trust themselves again. I have felt honored to be a part of your journey. Often, your bravery has touched my heart and brought me to tears. Thank you for letting me in and allowing me to guide you.

God has been so good to me this year. I have often stood aghast at His grace and mercy. I pray that He will guide me in 2021 and in the years that lie ahead so that I can shine His light and help people find their way forward. To be His hope when they have none. I’m so grateful to be walking this terrifying, beautiful, challenging and rewarding path, one step at a time.

Stay safe and be kind to you ? 2021 here we come!

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